Easy Cleaning Tips For Solar Powered Lights

Solar lights are becoming this new innovation perfect for landscape and perimeter decoration.

We are sure you have seen catalogs of architectural digests speaking about solar light decoration. At least once, you have been tempted to ornament your driveway with these lights.

There are so many advantages to this.

First, you do not have to worry about the sky-rising electric bill. It is only the installation that you are paying from your pocket.

Second, the installation is not that difficult since it is battery-run. No more annoying wiring, which you have to make extra lines for.

Then why is everyone a little iffy when it comes to installing these amazing lights?

It is probably the maintenance and cleaning.

Yes, solar lights can get very dirty, yellow, and not to mention foggy. So, if you are someone who is worried about your solar lights wearing out after spending time in their installation, do not worry.

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about all the different ways in which you can clean out your solar lights. These are not just effective but also easy.

Easiest Ways To Clean Your Solar Powered Lights

Here are some of the commonly known ways with which you will be able to perfectly clean and maintain your solar lighting in the house exterior.

1. Wipe The Lights Regularly

You do not have to go a long way to clean your solar lights properly. It is just about consistency. Since your lights are outside, they are accumulating a lot of dirt, debris, and pollen. This is what decreases the intensity of the light.

So, all you need to do is just wipe the panels every one or two weeks, to begin with.

2. Dish Soap Water Does Wonders

Now, if you are seeing the debris collected around the panel pretty badly and just wiping them with soap won’t do the work, then you will need to give it a much deeper clean. Yes, you cannot use any abrasive heavy-duty laundry detergent to clean the surface of the panel.

This can cause either damage to the lights or the glass. So, it is better to use gentle dish soap.

Just pour some into the water and mix it with your dish soap. Use a soft cloth or a dish soap to clean the panel, and get all the debris out. Do not use anything harsh as it is not good for the glass.

3. Damp Towel To Clean Everything

If you are using dish soap to get all the debris out, it is also very crucial that you clean all that soap. The residue of soap can cause some damage to the battery.

After all the cleaning is done, you can simply use a damp towel to clean everything. Ensure that you are getting all the corners and crevices to get the soap out.

4. Deep Clean Every Few Months

Deep cleaning every one or two months is very important for the proper maintenance of your solar lights. Especially if you are installing them on the roof, yes, at times, you can call the professionals to get it done.

However, it wouldn’t be possible all the time. So, learn to do it yourself.

5. Tape To Prevent Fogging

Now, fogging is a big issue that solar lights face. Thus, when it comes to preventing fogging, owners sometimes tend to do complicated things.

Dismantle the glass and clean the inside, when in reality, all they need to do is cover the edges so that it becomes air-tight.

You can easily do that by surrounding the edge with some paint tape. But, do not use duct tape or the other adhesive kind because they can leave that sticky residue when removed.

6. Clean The Battery Slots

The battery clots are an important part of the cleaning process. Sometimes corrosion can cause inside the slots because of the exposure to air and water.

Try to clean it with a damp cloth; if it still doesn’t work, then we would suggest you call upon a professional.

7. Do Not Use Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline batteries wear out more in nature. So, it is better for you to use eco-friendly rechargeable solar batteries.

Before making the shift, if they work, if not, then call your installers to help you with the change.

Dos & Don’ts Of Cleaning Your Solar Lights

Here are some of the Dos and Don’ts of cleaning your solar lights. Your solar lights, if installed outside, go through a lot of the ups and downs of nature. Thus, it is very important for you to clean and maintain them regularly.

However, there are things which you shouldn’t do.

Do’s Of Solar Panels

  • Do read the manufacturing guidelines before you get anything cleaning or maintaining done to your solar lights.
  • Do call the professionals if the problem is beyond cleaning, i.e., there is some corrosion caused in the battery socket.
  • Do install your solar lights a little tilted if outdoors since rain will help to clean most of the debris.
  • Do spray lacquer on the panel to remove any fading. This is a spray that is used to give wood its shine. Thus, you should only spray it once if there is any fading.

Don’ts Of Solar Panels

  • Do not use any aggressive detergent cleaner or scrub as it can scratch the glass.
  • Do not avoid cleaning the lights for more than a month if you live in a dry state. The possibility of dirt and debris accumulating in the light is more in these regions of low rainfall.
  • Do not forget the seasons as well. Autumn and winters are the seasons that will require more cleaning than the other months.
  • Do not clean the lights on a super hot day. They tend to get very hot these days.

Maintenance For A Better Tomorrow!

Do not dismiss the idea of solar lights or panels just because it is difficult to maintain. Just think of it in this way. One weekend you are spending on cleaning the lights is saving you a ton of electricity.

Bill, which could have been p[retty high when they were lighting the entire perimeter.

So, embrace the future, and get to some manual work!