Intersolar AWARD 2021: Winners Present Pioneering Solar Technology

The Mylar UVHPET photovoltaic (PV) backsheet with recycled content, the MarcS modular PV construction system, and the Hi-MO5 high-power bifacial module for large solar parks have been named as some of the most pioneering products within the solar industry. And the developers of these ideas – DuPont Teijin Films, Goldbeck Solar, and LONGi Solar Technology – have been honored with the Intersolar AWARD 2021. The ceremony for the solar industry’s flagship award was held online as part of The smarter E Industry Days from July 21 to 23, 2021, when the ees AWARD and The smarter E AWARD innovation prizes were presented too. Lots of the winners and finalists will be showcasing their innovations at The smarter E Restart 2021 at Messe München from October 6 to 8.

An international panel of experts has judged the nominees for the Intersolar AWARD and picked out three worthy winners to take away this top industry innovation prize in recognition of their pioneering solar technology. The winners received their awards at an online award ceremony that was watched live by an international audience on July 21, 2021. Anyone wanting to check out the award-winning projects and speak to the award winners and finalists will be able to catch them at Intersolar Europe Restart 2021 as part of The smarter E Europe Restart 2021 at Messe München from October 6 to 8.

The Winners of the Intersolar AWARD 2021
DuPont Teijin Films: PV Backsheets with Recycled Content
DuPont Teijin Films is a producer of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) films, specializing in products and services for a wide range of industries with dedicated marketing, development, and production operations worldwide. The company has created backsheets for solar modules made of 33 percent recycled materials using a process that converts PET materials into the monomer unit BHET by glycolysis. Mylar UVHPET backsheets have a lower carbon footprint than other backsheets, are fluorine-free (unlike some other products), and can make a significant contribution to the recycling of plastic waste given that a one-megawatt installation reuses over 16,000 PET bottles. The system has the potential to create a closed-loop recycling process for solar modules in which the used backsheet material could be recovered and reprocessed.

The international panel of experts was impressed by the game-changing idea and message of creating a circular economy for PV, promoting more sustainability, and improving the life cycle assessment in solar power. In the same price and performance range as conventionally produced backsheets, this product impacts positively on society and the environment.

Goldbeck Solar: MarcS PV Construction System for Agriculture and More
Founded in 2001 with the mission to provide clean energy solutions, Goldbeck Solar implements commercial photovoltaic systems in Germany and around the world. The MarcS modular arc system for solar installations allows for the land underneath it to still be used, for example for agricultural purposes. The modules are merged with the substructure to create static, arc-shaped nine-meter pieces. These segments can be moved on substructure rails and aligned to the east and west at different inclinations. Thanks to its low cost, this highly diverse technology can be used for energy generation, agriculture, and livestock farming, with enormous potential to scale up.

The international panel of experts commends this revolutionary concept for building multipurpose solar power structures with yields comparable to conventional systems. Cost-effectiveness due to the low material input required, minimally invasive construction, faster installation, and the system’s flexible use as waterproof roofing that can also collect and store water are other award-worthy aspects of the product.

LONGi Solar Technology: Impressive Nominal Power and Efficiency with Hi-MO5
China-based LONGi Solar Technology is the world’s largest manufacturer of monocrystalline silicon wafers and modules, offering product solutions for decentralized and free-standing PV systems. Hi-MO5 is a high-power bifacial module for large solar parks. It is made using gallium-doped wafers in a 182-millimeter format with PERC technology. Modules with half-cut cells, double glass, and a frame have a 30-year power warranty.

The panel of experts was impressed by the nominal power and efficiency at 540 watts and 21.1 percent respectively. In line with the general trend toward larger-sized wafers in the industry, this product combines other intelligent features, such as smart logistics and handling. According to the panel of experts, the interconnection technique and cost-minimizing potential together with a smart soldering technology that saves resources represent a developmental step in the PV industry.

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