LONGi contracts with Atlas Renewable Energy for supply of 122MW bifacial modules in Chile

China’s leading solar technology company LONGi announced that it had recently signed a contract with Atlas Renewable Energy to supply 122MW of Hi-MO4 bifacial modules for one of its projects in Chile.

LONGi has pioneered bifacial module technology in PV, promoting applications in solar plants on barren grass, sand, cement, snow and flat roofs. Depending on surface reflectivity, bifacial modules can deliver power generation gain of 7-25% over equivalent monofacial panels.

Patrick Valentin, Head of Strategic Sourcing at Atlas Renewable Energy, said: “We are pleased to select LONGi as one of our project partners. Implementing LONGi’s state-of-the-art technology in bifacials is a further representation of Atlas Renewable Energy’s strong commitment to technology innovations. It also aligns well with our mindset of partnering with great companies in the PV industry that are bringing the technologies of the future. We aim to always provide the most competitive solutions for our projects and clients in order to fulfill our mission to deliver reliable and cost-efficient clean energy to Latin America.”

“We are very pleased to partner with a leading company such as Atlas Renewable Energy. This is a great step forward for LONGi as we develop the solar market in Latin America. With this strategic partnership, LONGi and Atlas Renewable Energy are confident to deliver high-performance PV products and contribute to the energy transformation in Latin America.” Richard For, Vice President of LONGi Solar, said.

Since the launch in early 2017, LONGi bifacial products have accumulated a wealth of application cases around the world, and their product reliability has been verified in pilot projects and independent third-party tests. In May 2019, LONGi introduced its next generation bifacial module, Hi-MO4, based on the new M6 silicon wafers, once again leading the development of bifacial technology into a new era.

LONGi reported that the company has, to date, the world’s largest shipment of bifacial modules in the PV industry with cumulative shipment over 3GW as of 2019.