Lufft, Solarzentrum Stuttgart and Solare Datensysteme GmbH Cooperation to promote professional PV monitoring

Malfunctions in PV systems are often left undetected for long periods of time. In many cases, this is due to inadequate or completely absent monitoring.

In a world with many mature solar PV markets, why is the use of solar PV monitoring technology still so neglected today? The answer may be as simple as a lack of education. If you look at the PV markets in countries with a high number of existing installations or strong PV growth, you can see that there is often a lack of information on the subject of solar PV monitoring. As a result, many industry professionals and plant owners are unaware of the consequences of poor or nonexistent monitoring.

Lufft, SZS, and SDS have joined forces to tackle this issue together.SDS offers the Solar-Log™ energy management system, one of the world’s leading solutions for PV monitoring, smart energy and feed-in management. Lufft successfully develops and sells high-quality, meteorological components in the field of sensor technology. These include spring sensors which provide data to determine how weather conditions affect the performance of PV systems. The Solarzentrum Stuttgart is the professional when it comes to the precise inspection of PV modules for concealed damage. Using special technology, problems relating to PV modules can be detected, analyzed and remedied on the basis of monitoring data.

 The goal of this cooperation is to communicate and promote professional PV monitoring through joint marketing efforts including co-sponsored events on topics like “PV system Quality”. The cooperation of the three companies has a positive effect on the further development and optimization of existing technologies.Through this synergy, issues that installers face can be simulated through tools like the open -air system at the Solarzentrum Stuttgart. New solutions can then be tested ,leading the way to further advancements in monitoring technology.

Statements on cooperation
Silvia -Blumenschein – Schuetz, Solar – Log™ VP – Sales:
“Professional and neutral PV monitoring is the basis for the efficient functioning of PV systems. Together with Lufft and the Solarzentrum Stuttgart, we can actively promote attention and awareness for professional monitoring in the PV market.”

Michael Reuter, Managing Director Solar zentrum Stuttgart:

“Efficient and fast defect localization is th basis for successful troubleshooting and thus the most important step in securing the yield of your PV system. The interaction of the Solar -Log™ monitoring with Lufft spring sensors allows the prompt detection of reduced power, whereupon an electroluminescence measurement enables the localization of the defective modules.”

Udo Kronmüller, Sales Manager at Lufft:
 “This cooperation ideally strengthens our worldwide activities for professional meteorological monitoring of energy plants. The effects of weather and environmental influences on the yield of PV systems are still frequently underestimated. We want to change that.”

Lufft Mess – und Regeltechnik GmbH (Lufft)
Lufft Mess – und Regeltechnik GmbH based in Fellbach (Germany), develops and produces professional components and systems for climate and environmental measurement technology.In the solar industry, Lufft’s intelligent weather stations have proven their worth in determining all meteorological parameters that are important for PV monitoring. Worldwide market leaders such as Solar – Log™ rely on Lufft sensors for monitoring.

Further information about the company can be found at

Solarzentrum Stuttgart GmbH (SZS)
Solarzentrum Stuttgart GmbH was founded at the beginning of 2014 from the Institute for Photovoltaics at the University of Stuttgart. The founders of the SZS have many years of experience in research and development in the field of characterization and production of solar cells and modul es. Solarzentrum Stuttgart GmbH has developed and patented the new imaging diagnostic method DaySy (EU, US, JP, CN). One core area is the execution of electroluminescence measurement campaigns worldwide, including the subsequent solar cell precise evaluation. Here, the Solarzentrum Stuttgart, with a PV output of more than 800 MW measured worldwide, is one of the pioneers and market leaders in EL measurement. In addition, the professional assessment of PV systems is also one of our areas of expertise.

Further information about the company can be found at Solare Datensysteme GmbH (SDS)

Solare Datensysteme GmbH (SDS), based in the German city of Geislingen -Binsdorf, is one of the leading companies in the areas of solar monitoring, smart energy and feed -in management with global service for operators and installers.

Since August 2015, SDS is a subsidiary of BKW AG (Bern, Switzerland) –an international company for energy and infrastructure with about 7,000 employees. Press Release 5 SDS specializes in developing and distributing monitoring systems for photovoltaic plants, with core competences that include innovative products with short development cycles and the best price-performance ratio.

SDS is the manufacturer of the Energy Management System Solar – Log™, which consists of the Solar -Log™ device family and the Solar -Log WEB Enerest™ Portal. The system is currently installed in 120 countries –monitoring 28 4, 487 plants with a total output of 12. 9 5 GWp. Solar – Log’s easy installation function means a new plant can be added to the portal in just a few quick steps. Solar – Log™ is compatible with over 2,300 inverter models and with more than 130 different component manufacturers.

SDS solutions make an important contribution to the successful integration of renewable energy into an intelligent power grid and help to make the successful transition to clean energy a reality. More information about SDS can be found at