New Premium Partnership: the German association of energy market innovators and The smarter E Europe unite

The German Association of Energy Market Innovators (bne) has announced its participation in The smarter E Europe, the continent’s largest platform for the energy industry, as a premium partner. The partnership is already set to be a very productive one, with bne taking an active part in many of this year’s events.

The objective is to jointly and resolutely advocate for the vision of a new energy world and take action to make this vision a reality. The innovation hub The smarter E Europe will open its doors in Munich from May 15 “17. It brings together a total of four energy exhibitions, which can be accessed with a single exhibition ticket: Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, Power2Drive Europe and EM-Power.

The new energy world is renewable, decentralized and digital. This is the vision that bne and the organizers of The smarter E Europe both stand for. That is why bne will now be a premium partner of The smarter E Europe from 2019 onwards. Robert Busch, CEO of bne, says of the partnership: “We are on the path to an energy world where a network of wind and PV installations, storage systems and flexible consumers ensures our energy supply.
This will require the intelligent linkage of the electric, transportation and heat sectors, and our member companies offer the future-oriented solutions necessary for this sector coupling. Their vision of a decentralized and digitalized energy supply based on renewable sources of energy is also in accord with the guiding principle of the international exhibition The smarter E Europe.

This international platform thinks holistically about renewable sources of energy, storage systems, digitalization and mobility and offers key drivers of innovation such as our members a global stage to share and discuss energy transition solutions. So collaboration between The smarter E Europe and bne was a logical step.”

That the decision to enter into a premium partnership was the right one is underscored once again by bne’s recently published mission statement, which is in line with The smarter E Europe’s vision. The statement says, for example: “Renewable energies are generated, stored, made flexible and demanded in a decentral way. The focus is on a decentralized market for the production and use of renewable energies. Generation, storage, trading and consumption are controlled flexibly, digitally and fully automatically down to the second. Digitization enables data to be displayed every second. It is the basis for regional and local electricity trading.”

For a renewable future
The growing necessity for sector coupling and systems integration as well as the stark reduction in production costs are significant driving factors for the success of the new energy world. Renewable energies, decentralization and digitalization are opening up new business models and creating space for new players on the market. Markus Elsasser, CEO of Solar Promotion GmbH, emphasizes: “The entire industry is highly dynamic “ it’s beginning to really take off. Everyone is working together on the vision of a new energy world based on renewable energies. As part of these efforts, we are cooperating closely with associations such as bne which are standing up to help make this vision a reality as soon as possible. For us, the German Association of Energy Market Innovators is an ideal partner.”

Renewable, decentralized, digital “ The smarter E Europe reflects the new energy world
The vision of a renewable, decentralized and digital energy world shapes bne’s involvement at The smarter E Europe just as it shapes all of the association’s work. For one thing, the association will be moderating the presentations in the start-up arena, where solutions for an energy future based on renewable energies will be introduced. It will also moderate a session at the Power2Drive Europe Forum looking at possible decentralized neighborhood supply concepts for homes and businesses. And the association will be involved with the joint booth at EM-Power, where issues such as smart metering and digital solutions for the housing industry will be explored. Co-exhibitors at the joint booth include EDF Distributed Solutions (energy management, lithium-based batteries) and Discovergy GmbH (metering services, operation of metering points, products and services for microgrids).

The smarter E Europe and the four individual events – Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, Power2Drive Europe and EM-Power – will take place at the same time from May 15–17, 2019 at Messe Munchen.