REC Solar concludes construction of 1.1MW solar array system in California, US

REC Solar has completed the construction of a 1.1MW solar array system at Moorpark Wastewater Treatment Plant in California, US.

The publicly-owned solar array is located in Ventura County and will cater to 75% of the plant’s energy requirements.

REC Solar handled the designing of the array, while AECOM provided technical and management support services.

The array is expected to produce over 2,235MWh a year and enable considerable cost savings for the Ventura County Waterworks District.

REC Solar business development manager Ryan Work said that this project represents the evolution of the solar industry to meet a diverse range of customer needs.

“Increased flexibility in the construction, permitting and lifespan of a system is essential to meet varied government requirements,” Work added.

Custom engineering solutions were deployed at the facility to increase its service life beyond 25-years , one of the investment criteria laid down by Ventura County.