REC Solar dedicates 1.1MW solar system in California

REC Solar Incorporated, a provider of solar electric systems in the US, in association with AECOM Technology Corporation, has completed the installation and dedication of 1.1MW solar power plant at Moorpark Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ventura County, California.

The solar power system at the Moorpark Wastewater Treatment Plant was developed by the Ventura County Waterworks District No. 1. The system will produce over 2,235MWh of green electricity per annum.

The power generated at the site can offset almost 75% of energy requirements of the water reclamation facility and enable the district to reap cost savings benefits. The solar facility was designed and constructed by REC Solar, while AECOM provided technical and management support services.

For the Moorpark project, REC Solar has deployed custom engineering solutions, which has a service life of more than 25 years. According to REC Solar, the project is the largest publicly owned solar project in Ventura County. Also, Moorpark Wastewater Treatment Plant has an observation deck for Ventura County citizens to learn about the benefits of solar energy.