Onshore Wind Energy Tender Has Been Launched In Germany

BNetzA, the German Federal Network Agency, has gone on to launch its latest tender for onshore wind energy, with the aim of securing almost 4093 MW in each of the forthcoming four procurement rounds.

It is well to be noted that the additional volume happen to come from the quantities not allocated in 2023.

The president of the Federal Wind Energy Association, Bärbel Heidebroek, said that BNETZA has now gone on to offer clarity on the volumes of the upcoming four onshore wind energy tenders.

This, thereby makes it clear that around 15,000 MW can be put out to tender in 2024.

This should go on to provide a strong motivation for industry so as to continue to seek new approvals at that too at high speed.

After the peak of 7500 MW in 2023, one can indeed witness quite a strong upward trend within the first quarter of 2024. All this must now be consolidated as well as expanded across all federal states.

It is worth noting that of the approvals from 2023, 50% were already awarded in terms of tenders in the year to avail of the approval.

Overall, 2023 contracts were awarded for an overall volume of approximately 6400 MW.

The value can as well be significantly exceeded in 2024, said the Federal Wind Energy Association.

In 2024, the highest value for tenders when it comes to onshore wind energy is going to remain at 7.35 ct/kWh, which itself means economic viability can go on to be achieved both in the south as well as in the topologically challenging low mountain ranges or even forests.

As per Heidebroek in 2024, figures from the onshore wind energy agency suggest, systems with a cumulative output of more than 1200 MW are already newly approved.

This has a positive trend for 2023. But more permits are indeed required, especially in the southern region, right from Saxony to Bavaria to Baden-Württemberg.

Apparently, the states have central ownership in this scenario. At the same time, the municipalities, whose planning rights have been strengthened through the municipal opening clause, can now go on to bring projects forward.