German Offshore Wind Terminal Funding Is A Welcome Move

In a recent move, the German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation has gone on to remark that the government’s decision so as to help fund the expansion when it comes to offshore terminals happened to be indeed important so as to achieve expansion objectives for wind energy at sea.

In a statement released late March 22, 2024, the foundation went on to say that it welcomed a government move so as to contribute to the costs when it comes to expanding the terminal at the port of Cuxhaven, situated at the North Sea coast.

The government has gone on to agree to finance the 30-hectare, which is equivalent to 74 acres of expansion of the offshore terminal, along with the state of Lower Saxony as well as the private port industry, at a cost of almost 300 million euros, or $324.15 million, one of the government spokespersons said on March 23, 2024.

The expansion when it comes to the Cuxhaven port happens to be a central project for the expansion when it comes to renewable energies, said parliamentary state secretary Stefan Wenzel at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

It is well to be noted that Germany’s BWE power association on March 20 called for the government to take into consideration the expansion costs across its national ports strategy so as to meet the country’s energy transition strategies.

Volker Wissing, the German Transport Minister, said the federal government was indeed committed to its responsibility when it comes to ports, which includes the financial part too.

It is worth noting that the German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation goes on to estimate that  almost 200 hectares of additional heavy-duty area are going to be required by the end of the decade only for the construction of new offshore wind farms. This is as big as 270 football fields, it stated.