ZeroBase Energy® Delivers State of the Art Mobile Hybrid Power System to Nassau County, NY Office of Emergency Management

ZeroBase Energy® delivered two 6 kW portable power ForwardOperating Renewable GEnerator (FORGE™) trailers to the Nassau County, NY Office of Emergency Management (NCOEM).

These self-contained trailers are highly mobile and allow for rapid set-up of a complete power system in support of a disaster relief scenario. Reliance upon diesel generators is greatly reduced through the addition of solar power generation and energy storage, resulting in increased power
quality and reliability, as well as fuel savings.

The fully enclosed FORGE trailers can power anything AC or DC and recharge with solar, grid or it’s on-board generator. Each trailer has two portable 560 Watt solar panels which enable autonomous operation and set-up. The trailers have the capability of self-managing multiple power sources through a control system that optimizes total system performance and management of the on-board generator. “The ZeroBase trailers will support temporary operations in the field in case of a power interruption. The units
will power command and communication vehicles along with MERV or POD sites where clean and quiet operations are preferred over on-board generators.” said Pete Vita, Materials Movement Specialist, Nassau County Office of Emergency Management. “We are very pleased with the ZeroBase engineers’ attention to detail and time spent training our employees to safely use the equipment.”

ZeroBase Energy is a leading innovator in renewable and hybrid distributed power products ranging from small portable systems to trailers and fixed installations up to 1 Megawatt. In addition to the Nassau County trailers, current projects include transportable microgrids for the U.S. Marines and a large rural electrification project in Haiti, a power system for underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles for Port applications, and conversion of a large brewery and restaurant in Hawaii to enable full operation independent of the electrical grid.
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