Atlantis delivers tidal power system to Japanese harbour

SIMEC Atlantis Energy Ltd has successfully delivered to Nagasaki harbour the tidal generation equipment it manufactured for Japanese client Kyuden Mirai Energy.

The Scotland-made turbine is planned to be transported to the designated deployment site in the Naru Strait next month. The AR500 tidal generation system will initially operate at a reduced generation output of about 500 kW and provide data collection and validation capabilities to the customer and Japanese regulatory bodies.

As unveiled in late 2019, Kyuden Mirai Energy awarded the equipment supply contract as part of the development of a JPY-1.8-billion (USD 17.4m/EUR 14.2m) demonstration project in Japan.

Drew Blaxland, director of the Atlantis Turbine and Engineering Services (ATES) division, pointed at the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic obstructed the turbine building programme in Scotland this year. Moreover, the company faced logistical challenges during transit but still managed to deliver a turbine quayside in Japan before Christmas.

“Our focus now is in getting the power export cable, foundation and turbine nacelle installed safely, then we all look forward to this Scottish built turbine delivering predictable, sustainable renewable energy for Japan post commissioning,” he concluded