EIT InnoEnergy invests in Nabrawind

EIT InnoEnergy, the engine of innovation and entrepreneurship in sustainable energy in Europe, has become Nabrawind’s new shareholder, joining the investors that constitute the company: Evoluwind (promoters), Barinaga and Alberdi, Sodena and Basarro. The European company is thus exercising the right acquired in the capital increase that Nabrawind carried out last July 2019.

The entry of EIT InnoEnergy into the capital of the Spanish-based company means a double milestone. Firstly, this action was conditioned on the completion of the Nabralift tower project, which was successfully achieved with the installation of a 160 meter hub height prototype in Eslava (Spain) and the subsequent Nabralift’s market entry through the installation of a 144 meter hub height Nabralift tower in Morocco.

Secondly, the entry of the new shareholder will strengthen Nabrawind’s business development position thanks to the experience and resources that EIT InnoEnergy offers with its large team of professionals operating globally and its “know-how” accompanying young companies in the renewable energy sector.

From EIT InnoEnergy, and as a new member of Nabrawind’s board, Javier Sanz, responsible for Renewables stated: ” Nabrawind is a huge asset for us and we are extremely proud now of being part of it. We are sure that this company will become a reference in the sector through its technological solutions that address both the cost of energy and the impact on the carbon footprint”.

For his side, Eneko Sanz, general manager of Nabrawind, highlighted the “importance that EIT InnoEnergy, a company that stands out for the high level of excellence that demands from the projects, gives us its support. In this way, he remarked that they are “sure that Nabrawind will grow as a company thanks to this agreement, diversifying and strengthening a shareholding base which we feel fully aligned with”. Likewise, Sanz pointed out that “this agreement will also be an important boost not only for Nabralift, but also for Nabrajoint, our modular blade technology”.