Scotland government grants £15m towards Floating foundation technology

The Scottish government has granted funds of £15m towards Floating foundation technology for the offshore wind projects.

The technology can allow developers install wind turbines in the deeper waters leveraging strong wind resource at the position.

The energy minister Fergus Ewing stated that the funds under Scottish Innovative Foundation Technologies Fund would be made available for the offshore wind projects that in waters of more than 30m depth.

“This funding will help maintain Scotland’s position as one of the world’s most attractive destinations for renewable energy investment, development and deployment,” added Ewing.

With this new technology, the developers can significantly reduce the costs put in for offshore project foundations, besides reaching industry targets of £100 per MWh by 2020.

Currently, 16% of project costs are used towards concrete monopile and steel jackets used as foundations.

“It will help lower costs in developing the foundations needed for wind turbines in deeper water and more varied seabed conditions – currently the second largest cost associated with this type of project.

“It should also benefit Scottish companies through the supply chain, securing jobs and boosting our economic recovery,” added Ewing.