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First Solar, Inc announced that it has commissioned the 52.5 megawatt (MW)AC Shams Ma'an project in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on schedule. 

Clenergy, the leading solar mounting solution provider, is pleased to announce that it has joined the Powerful Blueplanet business collaboration project launched by PEA Encom and Fah Chai Engineering (FCE) in Thailand.

Duke Energy's Solar Rebate Program has paid almost $5 million in rebates to South Carolina customers who have invested in solar power at their residences or businesses.

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), together with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd. (MHPS), has been awarded a full turnkey contract by Joint Stock Company Uzbekenergo for the Construction of a Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant at the Navoi Thermal Power Station in southern Uzbekistan.

DTE Energy has launched a series of energy grid upgrades to provide more reliable electricity to more than 30,000 customers in Troy, Ferndale, and Hazel Park.

The Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology is recognized for decades as an effective and feasible process for gas upgrading in different large scale industrial applications.

General Electric Company through its GE Renewable Energy business announced that it has completed construction of the first of a three-phase wind project in southeast India, namely 30 units of GE’s 1.7-103 technology.  

General Electric Company through its GE Renewable Energy business added two new wind turbine models to its recently announced platform of 3MW wind turbines at Wind Europe, in Hamburg, Germany.  

General Electric Company through its GE Renewable Energy business announced it has signed a Turbine Supply Agreement with Max Bögl Wind AG to deliver and commission the world’s tallest and first ever wind turbine integrated with pumped storage hydro-electric power.  

The company has at the same time launched a tender for the design and construction of a new £22m Turbine Manufacturing & Pre-Assembly Plant in Swansea Bay, to be the beating heart of a Made in Britain tidal lagoon turbine industry.

Tocardo will deploy four 250kW-rated T2 bi-directional turbines in the Minas Passage in late 2017. The turbines will be attached to Tocardo’s patented semi-submersible Universal Floating Platform Structure to form a 1MW system held in place by catenary mooring systems.

Minas Energy has entered into a partnership with International Marine Energy Inc (IME) and Tocardo. The new collaboration, Minas Tidal Limited Partnership (MTLP or Minas Tidal), intends to test Netherland-based Tocardo technology at the Fundy Ocean Resource Centre for Energy (FORCE) in the Minas Passage. In-water testing is anticipated in late 2017.

“We are looking forward to demonstrating Tocardo’s capabilities in North America and hope to make Nova Scotia the centre of our future manufacturing operations” said Hans Van Breugel, President of Tocardo.

“Minas Tidal presents a unique opportunity for our groups to work together, combining our respective expertise to build a Nova Scotian project development team, which will allow us to contribute to the development of Nova Scotia’s considerable tidal energy potential” said Jane Lowrie, Chief Financial Officer of IME.

Minas Tidal has commenced discussions with local supply chain companies including fabricators, marine contractors, system integrators, engineers and scientists early this fall. The partnership will also undertake comprehensive stakeholder consultation with First Nations, the fisheries industry, regulators, and communities and complete all regulatory requirements prior to testing.

“The renewable energy potential in the Bay of Fundy tides is attracting world-wide attention and respected international players like Tocardo and IME,” said Michel Samson, Minister of Energy. “The involvement of companies of this calibre, and the ability to test the different technologies they bring to the table here, will help Nova Scotia become a global leader in tidal energy and continue to build our economy.”

Minas Energy’s leasehold rights to the berth site at FORCE, along with a 4 megawatt power purchase agreement (awarded in December 2014) will be transferred to Minas Tidal, the new Nova Scotia-based development entity.

Hans van Breugel, Tocardo’s CEO said:“The EMEC project is a breakthrough for Tocardo’s careful roll out of our technology moving from near inshore towards offshore. With multiple turbines operational in low, moderate and extreme high tidal flows we now feel comfortable to go offshore. The EMEC opportunity will boost the implementation of Tocardo’s commercial roll out. Tocardo is pleased to be back in Scotland and looking forward for a long and lasting partnership with EMEC.”


“We are thrilled to be part of this team” said John Woods,VP of Energy Development for Minas Energy. “It has all the right components for success. We are eager to get out into communities and meet with people to discuss the benefits of this clean energy project.”

The selected Tocardo technology consists of four, 250 KW T2 bidirectional open rotor turbine generators, which will be attaching to Tocardo’s patented semi-submersible Universal Floating Platform

Structure (UFS). The platforms are held in place by catenary mooring systems. Each turbine can generate up to one megawatt of power, for a combined output of four megawatts, comprising the total berth allotment.

For over a decade Tocardo has been developing and deploying its tidal turbines in rivers and ocean environments.

Minas Energy was awarded a berth at the FORCE site in 2009 by the Nova Scotia Department of Energy. Under this new arrangement, Minas Energy will continue its prominent role in establishing a new marine renewable energy industry in Nova Scotia.

IME is a Canadian company which is owned by Tribute Resources, of London Ontario, and the Calgary-based Himmelspach Group. In 2013 Tribute acquired Western Tidal Holdings Ltd., a British Columbia-based renewable energy company focusing on developing tidal power energy in B.C.

Tocardo is a Dutch-based company and a global leader in tidal energy solutions. Tocardo is focused on state-of-the-art technologies that maximize the potential of the tidal energy production worldwide.

Minas Energy is a member of Scotia Investments Limited, which traces its roots to R. A. Jodrey, one of Nova Scotia’s most successful entrepreneurs, whose first company was incorporated in 1920. After working in the Nova Scotian power generation business for nearly 80 years, the Minas Energy team was a key player in the founding of FORCE and this tidal energy project in Nova Scotia.

WEC Projects (Pty) Ltd, a contractor specialising in turnkey water and wastewater treatment solutions in South Africa, has acquireda majority stake in Industrial Water Cooling(Pty) Ltd (IWC), a company specialising in cooling tower and industrial cooling solutions.

The partnership is effective immediately and replaces private equity company, MEDU Capital’sstake in IWC.“I am very pleased to announce that we have a new business partner in WEC Projects. I am of the firm belief that in WEC we have found a like-minded business partner that understands the contracting environment in which we operate,”comments Roger Rusch, Managing Director of IWC. 

Johannesburg-based WEC Projects has been operating as a contractor in the water and wastewater treatment industry since 2002. The company specialises in designing, manufacturing and installing water and wastewater treatment plants, such as packaged potable water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, industrial filtration plants, submerged membrane bioreactors, reverse osmosis plants, reverse osmosis pre-treatment systems, dissolved air floatation devices and lamella settlers. 

WEC Projects are also pioneers in biogas to energy technology, having designed, supplied and installed South Africa’s first such plant at a municipal wastewater site. The technology converts wastewater sludge into biogas that is then used to fuel a gas engine that produces electricity. As a result of this technology, municipalities are able to subsidise their electrical costs by what they are able to produce themselves, utilising a waste material that now has significant commercial value.

IWC, originally founded in 1986 as Industrial Water Cooling, specialises in evaporative water cooling, heat exchangers and GRP solutions for numerous applications across the mining, power generation, petrochemical, and water and sanitation industries. 

About IWC
IWC are African leaders in cooling tower technology, delivering world-class, fully-integrated solutions across all industries, from mining; power generation and petrochemical; water and sanitation; to light industrial. IWC’s products and services include the design, manufacture and installation of GRP piping, fittings, tanks and other process equipment. Additionally, IWC also undertakes repairs and refurbishment projects and other associated services. For more information visit: or contact
IWC on +27 (0) 11 466 0699


About WEC Projects (Pty) Ltd 
WEC Projects is a specialist turnkey contractor supplying a range of packaged water & wastewater treatment plants as well as design and implementation of biogas to energy projects that are specifically engineered to their clients’ requirements.Products include packaged potable water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, industrial filtration plants, submerged membrane bioreactors, reverse osmosis plants, reverse osmosis pre-treatment systems, dissolved air floatation devices and lamella settlers.The company is based in Diepsloot, Johannesburg.For more information visit or Contact WEC Projects on +27 (0) 11 745 5500/1/2/3/4.




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Allete, Inc.

NYQ : ALE - 24 Oct, 4:02pm
+0.02 (+0.03%) After Hours:
Open 59.94 Mktcap 2.94B
High 60.04 52wk Hight 65.41
Low 59.26 52wk Low 47.93
Vol 234257 Avg Vol 201177
Eps 3.12 P/e 19.56
Currency: USD

Alliant Energy Corporation Comm

NYQ : LNT - 24 Oct, 4:02pm
+0.25 (+0.67%) After Hours:
Open 37.28 Mktcap 8.48B
High 37.52 52wk Hight 40.99
Low 37.00 52wk Low 28.07
Vol 1.32M Avg Vol 1.38M
Eps 1.89 P/e 21.46
Currency: USD

CMS Energy Corporation Common S

NYQ : CMS - 24 Oct, 4:01pm
+0.22 (+0.53%) After Hours:
Open 41.36 Mktcap 11.55B
High 41.53 52wk Hight 46.25
Low 41.06 52wk Low 33.84
Vol 1.42M Avg Vol 1.86M
Eps 2.02 P/e 21.21
Currency: USD

Consolidated Edison, Inc. Commo

NYQ : ED - 24 Oct, 4:01pm
+0.00 (+0.00%) After Hours:
Open 73.61 Mktcap 22.27B
High 73.72 52wk Hight 81.88
Low 72.72 52wk Low 60.30
Vol 1.27M Avg Vol 1.73M
Eps 3.97 P/e 18.96
Currency: USD

Duke Energy Corporation (Holdin

NYQ : DUK - 24 Oct, 4:00pm
+0.38 (+0.49%) After Hours:
Open 78.31 Mktcap 54.01B
High 78.61 52wk Hight 87.75
Low 77.81 52wk Low 65.50
Vol 2.87M Avg Vol 2.96M
Eps 4.59 P/e 20.72
Currency: USD

Exelon Corporation Common Stock

NYQ : EXC - 24 Oct, 4:00pm
+0.15 (+0.46%) After Hours:
Open 32.62 Mktcap 30.13B
High 32.75 52wk Hight 37.70
Low 32.29 52wk Low 25.09
Vol 3.73M Avg Vol 4.70M
Eps 2.55 P/e 21.85
Currency: USD

NorthWestern Corporation Common

NYQ : NWE - 24 Oct, 4:02pm
+0.28 (+0.50%) After Hours:
Open 56.66 Mktcap 2.72B
High 56.66 52wk Hight 63.75
Low 55.92 52wk Low 51.27
Vol 248299 Avg Vol 346148
Eps 3.27 P/e 16.79
Currency: USD

SCANA Corporation Common Stock

NYQ : SCG - 24 Oct, 4:02pm
+0.40 (+0.57%) After Hours:
Open 70.55 Mktcap 10.12B
High 70.96 52wk Hight 76.41
Low 70.28 52wk Low 55.85
Vol 634141 Avg Vol 725646
Eps 3.97 P/e 19.17
Currency: USD

UNITIL Corporation Common Stock

NYQ : UTL - 24 Oct, 4:02pm
+1.02 (+2.63%) After Hours:
Open 38.73 Mktcap 558.89M
High 39.84 52wk Hight 45.16
Low 38.73 52wk Low 33.75
Vol 32175 Avg Vol 35303
Eps 1.81 P/e 21.21
Currency: USD

Westar Energy, Inc. Common Stoc

NYQ : WR - 24 Oct, 4:02pm
+0.24 (+0.42%) After Hours:
Open 57.29 Mktcap 8.10B
High 57.37 52wk Hight 57.48
Low 57.00 52wk Low 38.51
Vol 369868 Avg Vol 711140
Eps 2.45 P/e 25.85
Currency: USD

WEC Energy Group, Inc. Common S

NYQ : WEC - 24 Oct, 4:02pm
+0.11 (+0.19%) After Hours:
Open 57.99 Mktcap 18.24B
High 58.12 52wk Hight 66.10
Low 57.51 52wk Low 47.98
Vol 1.35M Avg Vol 1.73M
Eps 2.93 P/e 20.64
Currency: USD

Xcel Energy Inc. Common Stock

NYQ : XEL - 24 Oct, 4:00pm
+0.25 (+0.63%) After Hours:
Open 40.14 Mktcap 20.42B
High 40.28 52wk Hight 45.42
Low 39.87 52wk Low 34.33
Vol 1.74M Avg Vol 3.04M
Eps 2.20 P/e 19.06
Currency: USD

DTE Energy announced it will build new energy generation as part of its commitment to ensure long-term reliability and produce cleaner energy for its customers.  The new energy generated will replace a portion of the capacity from coal-fired plants DTE intends to retire by 2023.

RES is delighted to have been awarded a contract by National Grid through its first commercial tender process for Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR) services.  Under the four year contract awarded today, RES will deliver 35MW of sub second frequency response service through a battery energy storage project.

Commenting on the contract win Rob Sauven, Group Business Development Director at RES, said:This contract with National Grid is another big step forward for RES in expanding our industry-leading, global energy storage expertise in the UK.  RES has successfully pioneered a range of grid services through energy storage projects in the US and Canada, and has a growing portfolio of UK projects.

We are therefore well placed to deliver this innovative service to support the National Grid in balancing the GB electricity system cost-effectively; which in turn will bring significant benefits to UK electricity consumers.”

Rob Armstrong
Press Contact
Head of Marketing & Communications
Group & general enquiries
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
01923 299471


  • The Avon Peaking Power facility, together with its sister plant the Dedisa 335 MW facility in Port Elizabeth will provide much needed power and energy security during peak demand periods.
  • The operation of the plant will create permanent direct and indirect jobs for the local community over the 15 years of the PPA.

Avon Peaking Power started full commercial operation of its 670 MW power plant, located in Shakaskraal, 65 km North of Durban in KwaZulu-Natal Province.

The Open Cycle Gas Turbine plant consists of 4 units and is jointly owned by ENGIE, black majority owned Legend Power Solutions, Mitsui and the Peakers Trust representing the local community. The plant lay-out allows for flexibility with regards to future conversion using gas-fired technology and as such is part of South Africa’s gas-to-power development plans.

Arnaud de Limburg, CEO of Avon Peaking Power, commented: “The construction of the Avon and Dedisa power plants demonstrate the strength of the partnership between the South African government and the private sector. The start-up of Avon, only a few months after Dedisa will be instrumental in supporting South Africa’s industrial growth ambitions. The plants will provide much needed power and energy security during peak demand periods. They will equally benefit the socio-economic development of the communities surrounding each project.”

Mohamed Hoosen, Chairman of Avon and Dedisa Peaking Power, commented: “The success of Avon and Dedisa Peaking Power paved the way for the IPP model in South Africa. Continuing with this pioneering spirit the project intends to enter its next development phase as an anchor load for gas conversion through the DOE driven introduction of natural gas to South Africa. Interestingly Avon and Dedisa benefits the ramp up of renewable power projects by compensating for their intermittency.”

Mpho Scott, Chairman of Legend Power Solutions, added “this has been a long road of patience, unwavering tenacity and commitment to meaningful participation by black people in the energy sector. We are proud to be part of these history making events. Our two power plants, Avon and Dedisa are contribution over a 1 000 MW of power to help with energy security in our country.”

The Avon facility, together with its sister power plant the Dedisa 335 MW facility in Port Elizabeth, is South Africa’s first large Independent Power Project initiated by the Department of Energy (DOE). The facilities are contracted to supply electricity to Eskom Holdings, under 15-year Power Purchase Agreements awarded by the DOE on a Build, Own and Operate (BOO) basis. Dedisa Peaking Power was commissioned end of 2015.

Construction started in April 2014 with a consortium of Ansaldo Energia SpA and Fata SpA as turnkey EPC contractor; main subcontractor was Group 5 from South Africa. The operation of the plant will create permanent direct and indirect jobs for the local community over the 15 years of the PPA. Up to 1 500 jobs were created during construction with an achievement of 4,000,000 manhours. 88% of jobs were reserved for black employees of which 63% skilled. Recruitment was done locally in collaboration with the KwaDukuza Municipality. 

Avon Peaking Power is already working in collaboration with stakeholders to develop sustainable projects which will benefit the community, focusing on education, social and welfare initiatives, advance BEE Enterprises and projects that promote biodiversity. Through the Peaker Trust, dividends of the plant operations will go to local socio-economic development initiatives.

Media Contacts:

Tel: +27 10 612 066
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2nd, 3rd and 4th floor
Voie du Chariot 3
1003 Lausanne – Switzerland
Tel : +41 22 534 96 97
E-mail: switzerland (at) APO-opa.or







A framework agreement of up to $400 million has been signed between two Ontario-based nuclear organizations that will create jobs and bring major long-term economic benefits to the province as Bruce Powe avances its multi-year investment program.

The signings took place between the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Greg Clark, EDF group Chairman and CEO Jean Bernard-Levy and CGN Chairman He Yu. French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and the Administrator of the Chinese National Energy Administration Nur Bekri attended the ceremony. 

Professor Paul Howarth, Managing Director, NNL and CNL Vice-President, Research and Development, Tom Blejwas sign the Memorandum of Understanding for Nuclear Science and Technology Capabilities Exploitation in the Marketplace. 

DTE Energy announced it will purchase midstream natural gas assets in support of the company's strategy to continue to grow and earn competitive returns for shareholders.

Duke Energy has completed its acquisition of Piedmont Natural Gas, closing the transaction effective today.Piedmont will retain its name and operate as a business unit of Duke Energy. Both companies are headquartered in Charlotte.

A celebration signaled the start of one of Wisconsin’s largest economic and job growth projects. Alliant Energy’s Riverside Energy Center expansion, near Beloit, Wis., is a 700-megawatt, natural gas-fueled generating facility with an integrated, two-megawatt solar field.

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