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Atlantis Resources Limited (“Atlantis” or the “Company”)  MeyGen Update – Full Power Generation from Turbine #1

WEC Projects (Pty) Ltd, a contractor specialising in turnkey water and wastewater treatment solutions in South Africa, has acquired a majority stake in Industrial Water Cooling(Pty) Ltd (IWC), a company specialising in cooling tower and industrial cooling solutions.

ORPC Ireland Ltd., a subsidiary of Portland-based Ocean Renewable Power Co., has been selected to enter the grant agreement stage of a project that will increase the performance and reliability of transferring energy from its renewable marine energy technology to the electric grid.
ORPC Ireland's request was one of 78 proposals submitted to Horizon 2020, the European Union's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, according to a release from ORPC.
"The whole ocean energy industry deeply appreciates Horizon 2020's critical support and ORPC, in particular, is thrilled to receive such a strong endorsement of our technology," ORPC President and CEO Chris Sauer said in a statement.
As Mainebiz reported in May 2015, the company opened ORPC Ireland Ltd. after months of discussions with Irish officials who visited Maine several times to learn first-hand about ORPC's Cobscook Bay pilot ocean energy project in Eastport, which made history in 2012 when it became the first hydrokinetic tidal energy project to deliver electricity to a utility grid in the Americas. ORPC also installed and operated its first river power system in the remote Alaskan village of Igiugig last summer, successfully delivering power to shore.

Sustainable Marine Energy (SME) has successfully installed four subsea rock anchors in the challenging tidal flows of the Fall of Warness at EMEC.

Atlantis, a global leader in the tidal power sector, is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached between the Company’s majority owned MeyGen project and a nearby wind farm development to facilitate access to the distribution grid for other renewable energy projects.

ABB is a member of an EU funded project consortium to advance the commercialization of floating tidal energy.
Scotrenewables’ SR2000-M1 device being launched in May 2016 at Harland and Wolff Shipyard, Belfast
ABB is a member of an EU funded project consortium to advance the commercialization of floating tidal energy.
In February this year, the European Commission’s research and innovation program, Horizon 2020, awarded a grant of €10 million to demonstrate the potential for floating tidal systems to provide low-cost energy to the European energy mix. ABB is a member of the project consortium that brings together the most experienced and committed commercial, industrial and research organizations involved in tidal energy today: Scotrenewables, an engineering company specializing in the development of tidal energy turbine technology, leads the consortium.
Whereas the wind and solar power are an integral part of Europe’s energy mix today, other renewable energy sources, such as wave and tidal, are not yet commercialized. Thinking about the advantages they have, this is quite surprising. Compared to the wind and solar, wave and tidal power are more predictable and consistent. But the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that this will change – according to their forecast the globally installed wave and tidal power arrays will reach a capacity of more than 330 gigawatts (GW) by 2050. That’s about the capacity wind power reached in 2014.
The EU-funded Floating Tidal Energy Commercialization (FloTEC) project is certainly a very important step towards commercialization of tidal energy. It will advance Scotrenewables’ current 2 MW floating tidal turbine technology, the SR2000, with the objective to reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCoE) of floating tidal energy.
The project will allow for a more economical manufacturing and integrated energy storage
The project will cover several aspects, such as advanced standard power conversion technology as already used in the offshore wind today, more economical manufacturing and integrated energy storage. One aspect that’s being looked into is to reduce costs by moving the electrical equipment, which is currently installed in the hull of the floating turbine, onshore. We expect that by installing the electrical equipment, such as converter and switchgear onshore, the structure of the hull can be simplified and installation and maintenance costs can be significantly lowered. This is just one part of the project, which will deliver a number of innovations to reduce the cost of tidal energy.
The plan is that the 2 MW prototype of the tidal turbine, the SR2000-M2, will be installed alongside Scotrenewables’ SR2000 turbine at the European Marine Energy Centre’s (EMEC) tidal test site in Orkney, where the 4 MW floating tidal array will serve as a demonstration platform for commercially viable tidal stream energy.
ABB will provide engineering services and simulation studies that will focus on an optimal design of the electrical drivetrain and the connection to the grid to ensure lowest LCoE and grid code compliance. I’m excited and proud that ABB is part of this important project.

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