Smart Metering System By Germany To Track Energy Efficiently

A smart metering system for load profile measurement (RLM) is in the process of development and is expected to be accessible for industrial and commercial (I&C) as well as other high-consumption points within Germany. This innovative system is a collaborative effort involving energy companies E.ON and Netze BW, technology providers Robotron Datenbank-Software and Power Plus Communications, and manufacturer Landis+Gyr.

The concept of this system revolves around integrating an RLM meter into a smart meter gateway. Rigorous testing has been conducted to validate its viability and ensure it meets market demands in a timely manner. This solution holds great potential, especially considering its application to large consumption points in Germany. These points are responsible for about three-quarters of the nation’s energy consumption, despite comprising only approximately 1% of the total metering points (approximately 530,000 out of 53 million).

As part of the Digitisation Act, Germany aims to equip a minimum of 20% of load profile measurement points with smart metering capabilities by 2028. This initiative represents a significant step towards digitizing RLM measuring points through the utilization of smart meter gateways. The goal is to garner widespread acceptance from customers, users, and manufacturers alike, which is essential for shaping the future of this technological evolution.

The heart of the solution lies in the integration of a Landis+Gyr RLM meter with Robotron’s backend system via the controllable local systems (CLS) interface of Power Plus Communications’ smart meter gateway. This configuration effectively meets the specific use cases associated with RLM and ensures that metered values are readily available for subsequent billing, even in cases of temporary communication interruptions with the meter.

Moreover, the system’s local interfaces can be tailored to cater to specific industry requirements, accommodating the diverse needs of customers within this market segment. The solution is currently available in a testing environment, and there are plans to refine and optimize it further as it evolves.