Almost There- The Completion of The Canadian Gas Terminal

A new roll-on/roll-off dock at a marine LNG facility in western Canada is nearly finished by contractors.

The wharf in Kitimat, British Columbia, constructed by BVJV, a partnership between Besix and Vancouver Pile Driving, is already being used by cargo ships. Through the Douglas Channel, one of the province’s main fjords, the port is connected to the Northwest Corridor, a crucial access route to the Pacific Ocean.

The engineering, procurement, and construction contractor for the project, JGC Fluor Joint Venture (JFJV), awarded BVJV the Berth Marine Structure deal in 2019 that includes the marine terminal.

A 500-meter-long wharf, the LNG load platform, 4 cargo berthing dolphins, as many LNG berthing dolphins as possible, 6 mooring dolphins, including one offshore, and navigational aids are among the projects that will be completed. By the end of August 2022, the construction is expected to be finished.

The LNG processing units, a storage tank, LNG loading lines, a train yard, a water treatment plant, and flare stacks are important characteristics in addition to the maritime terminal.

The use of the wharf by the first ships is a significant moment for both the programme and the workforce of Besix and Vancouver Pile Driving, Paul Callebaut, BVJV project director, stated. They will have provided cutting-edge marine infrastructure for one of the largest LNG projects in the world in a few weeks. They are incredibly appreciative and happy about the confidence the JGC Fluor Joint Venture has in them.

From the beginning, they have worked to integrate their industry-leading experience in marine construction with the high-quality standards, security, and environmental stewardship set by their clients.