GE Power Introduces New DLN2.6+ Flex Upgrade Solution for 7F Gas Turbines

Continuing its commitment to invest in and deliver solutions to help power producers remain competitive in a dynamic energy marketplace, GE’s Power Services business  introduced its new 7F DLN2.6+ Flex upgrade solution at the annual 7F Users Group Annual Conference in Atlanta.

Leveraging GE’s industry-leading DLN 2.6+ combustor and combining it with new Axial Fuel Staging (AFS) technology, the Flex solution is a comprehensive upgrade within GE’s suite of offerings for 7F gas turbines. It combines several hardware and software technologies into one new flexibility package to help GE’s global 7F fleet customers be more profitable, especially those in high renewable penetration regions like North America and high gas price regions like Asia—as well as those who have aging technology in highly competitive energy markets. The upgrade also will help power producers embrace the flexibility gas technology offers to complement rather than compete with solar and wind.

“I’m very excited to introduce the 7F DLN2.6+ Flex upgrade solution to our customers today,” said Scott Strazik, president and CEO of GE’s Power Services business. “We’ve designed it with their most critical need in mind—operational flexibility—to help them stay profitable in a very competitive energy marketplace.

With faster, lower-emissions starts, this technology will help combined-cycle power producers approach simple-cycle startup times. It’ll also expand their load ranges by approximately 100 megawatts so they can run their plants at lower loads to tolerate adverse market conditions for longer periods of time. More importantly, the DLN2.6+ Flex offering will help reduce emissions by over 20 percent, which is the equivalent of taking 270,000 cars off the road a year.”

With a 15 percent lower turndown capability, this technology also gives GE’s 7F customers the flexibility to stay running more frequently while burning less fuel and reducing emissions. This lower load operation can position 7F operators to respond faster to bidding opportunities in regions that experience frequent shifts in grid demand due to renewable power fluctuations. The combination of lowering operating costs and capturing new revenue streams can help GE customers grow profitability through more competitive operating profiles.

Other benefits include:

  • Lower minimum emissions compliant load (MECL), from 40 percent to 25 percent.
  • Reduced fuel burn by 25 percent at new MECL.
  • Faster, lower-emissions starts.
  • Real-time optionality for energy traders.
  • Increased access to ancillary services including spinning reserve and peak power bids.

GE has 28 years of experience in 7F gas turbine technology with more than 50 million hours of fleet operating data and 150 gigawatts of installed across approximately 900 units at 350 sites globally. It introduced its industry-leading DLN 2.6+ technology in 2005.

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