GE introducing 2MW Platform: Customizable Turbines to Enhance Siting Efficiency

GE’s 2.2-2.4MW, 107m rotor wind turbine is an advanced evolution of the 1.x series, providing a 35% increase in Annual Energy Production (AEP) over its predecessor, the 1.85-87 (at a 2.4 rating). Designed for medium wind speeds, the 2.2-2.4MW turbine provides a 51% increase in swept area with the 107m rotor, and an extra 350-450 kW output at rated wind speed compared to the 1.85-87 turbine, improving project economics for wind developers. GE’s proprietary Advanced Loads Control combines drive train sensors with Mark* VIe turbine controller capabilities to individually pitch blades and improve loads handling performance.


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