UK Authorizes €2.5 Billion Carbon Capture Power Facility

The first carbon capture power station in the nation has been granted permission to be built by the UK government.

A partnership between the British power generation company SSE Thermal and the Norwegian petroleum refining expert Equinor will build the plant in North Lincolnshire, with a full capacity of 910 MW and an estimated project cost of €2.55 billion. However, the partnership must submit a thorough strategy for the development and operation of the facility before construction can commence.

The facility, Keadby 3, will run on natural gas and extract up to 90% of the carbon from its emissions using an adjacent carbon capture facility. The East Coast Cluster is currently building infrastructure for a variety of low-carbon initiatives. This infrastructure will be utilised to transport CO2 offshore and deposit it in depleted oil and gas fields or deep saltwater aquifer formations.

By the middle of the 2020s, according to SSE Thermal, the new structure will be fully operational, at which point it should be able to offset at least 1.5 MT of CO2. According to the company, achieving the UK government’s declared objective of preventing 10 MT of CO2 from entering the environment by 2030 will be made possible by this.

According to SSE Thermal, they are focused on cutting emissions and ensuring that they become a global leader in this crucial technology, decarbonizing power generation and heavy industry, and expediting the shift to a net-zero economy.