Iran To Support The Reconstruction of Power Plants In Syria

The Iranian energy minister has gone on to say that their country is ready to share funding as well as restore the Syrian water and electricity sectors, which have suffered some serious damage because of the war there.

As per Ali-Akbar Mehrabian, today they are indeed ready to offer their economic as well as technical capabilities to the reconstruction of Syria. The energy minister was quoted as saying this in a meeting that took place with Tammam Raad, the Syrian Minister of Water Resources. The meeting took place in Iraq on May 6, on the side-lines of a regional water conference conducted by the United Nations.

Speaking in the meeting, Mehrabian stated that Iran happens to be preparing a major credit line so as to fund the reconstruction projects throughout Syria, which, according to him, will mostly focus on electricity projects as well as power plants within the Arab nation.

As per the minister, the Iranian companies are looking to restore five GW of the electricity generation capacity that has been lost because of more than a decade of war in Syria. As per the minister, Syria at present has 8000 MW of power plant capabilities, out of which 2500 MW are functional, which is more than just one-fourth.

He added that recently, they have already gone on to overhaul a couple of units of a thermal power plant in Aleppo. These units went operational in April with a capacity of 480 MW. The official also said that he is going to be travelling soon to Syria to inaugurate a couple of more new power plants that are already being built by Iranian companies there. The minister’s remarks come days after Ebrahim Raisi, the Iranian President, and his ministers went on to sign prominent agreements with government officials from Syria so as to expand economic as well as trade ties between both nations.