ERM, Source Energie partner on floating-wind-to-hydrogen in Celtic Sea

ERM and Source Energie have teamed up to develop floating wind sites in the Celtic Sea that produce green hydrogen rather than electricity. The consultancy’s ERM Dolphyn technology combines electrolysis, desalination and hydrogen production on a floating wind platform, with the hydrogen generated sent to the coast by means of a pipeline.

The partnership comes as the Crown Estate is working on plans for up to 4 GW of floating wind leasing in the Celtic Sea.

“Areas of deep water around the UK and Ireland provide great opportunities to generate green hydrogen at scale, and to deliver this carbon free fuel to areas of emerging demand, where it can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels,” said Steve Matthews, commercial director for ERM Dolphyn.

The first project under development, named Dylan and located 60 km (37 miles) off Pembrokeshire, is targeted for deployment in 2027/2028. It could be expanded to over 2 GW in the future, which would deliver enough hydrogen to heat around one million homes, according to the announcement. The project is supported by the Welsh Government Smart Living Initiative.

The state has funded phase one and phase two studies into whether the Celtic Sea is suitable to bring floating wind and hydrogen production together. The final report on phase two will be published soon, ERM said.

Green Giraffe said it has assisted in the signing of the collaboration agreement between Source Energie and ERM.