Original Service at Husum Wind – and a historical exhibit presented by Winergy

Service is one of the key factors for the performance and reliability of a wind turbine gearbox. At Husum Wind, the gearbox manufacturer Winergy will presents its solutions for optimum operation and maintenance of wind turbine drives.

One of the finest examples for the proven quality of Winergy products and services: a gearbox from the world’s first offshore wind farm. It has been in operation for 25 years without any failure and will be exhibited in Husum in its original state.

Since 1991, the gearbox has been operating in a wind turbine with 450kW nominal power in the world’s first offshore wind farm in Vindeby, Denmark. The eleven turbines that have been connected to the grid back then paved the way for the modern offshore industry, which nowadays secures energy supply for millions of households. At Husum Wind, visitors at the Winergy booth can assess the gearbox internals, and convince themselves of the pristine condition even after 25 years of operating time.

To ensure maximum turbine efficiency over the entire lifetime, it comes down to right service – which ideally is provided by the original equipment manufacturer. According to the motto “No compromises” Winergy will present its service offering at the fair. The Winergy portfolio covers original spare parts, replacement gearboxes which are immediately available out of the comprehensive gearbox pool, gearbox upgrades and maintenance and repair, which can be carried out up-tower in field as well as in Winergy workshops across the globe.

The investment in a wind farm or a single wind turbine is highly influenced by core components and their availability during operations. Hence, it is crucial to rely on the original equipment manufacturer throughout the entire product lifecycle, as he is the one who knows the product and its specifications by heart. Based on this knowledge, Winergy is able to draw conclusions about optimized performance of a gearbox in the turbine and to guarantee maximum reliability by means of predictive maintenance or technical upgrades. This is an essential step to further reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCoE) to an even more competitive level.

From September on, the newly designed Gearbox Training Program is complementing the Winergy Original Service portfolio. Experienced Winergy technicians train customers and partners in different training modules in the Service Center at Winergy headquarters in Voerde, Germany. In addition to basic theoretical knowledge, participants learn how to carry out endoscopies and exchange components in practical “hands on” trainings with different gearboxes. Excellent services goes hand in hand with technical know-how and vast experience. Therefore, technical Winergy Service experts will be attending Husum Wind for clarification of questions and discussions.

About Winergy Winergy is headquartered in Voerde, Germany, and is the leading drive train component manufacturer for wind turbines. It has supplied more than 125,000 MW gearboxes worldwide. With more than 35 years of experience, Winergy offers gearboxes, HybridDrives, couplings, and services to wind turbine manufacturers and wind park owners. The product portfolio covers power ratings up to 9 MW. This is complemented by a high quality professional service portfolio. Production and service sites are located in Europe, China, India, and the U.S., while the base of service locations expands continuously on a global level.

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