Wind Energy Might Enable India Add 24 GW Of RE Capacity

According to both the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and MEC Intelligence (MEW+), India might install 23.7 gigawatts of wind energy capacity in the five years to come. According to Ben Backwell, CEO of GWEC, the Outlook is released as the world faces a pivotal juncture; there is a short window of opportunity to stop the irrevocable harm to the globe from climate change by making an immediate switch to clean energy.

India can make use of this potential, but it needs to jump-start its energy transformation after pandemic-related delays.

Backwell pointed out that in order to take advantage of this, India would need to have talks between the federal and state governments in order to reach an agreement. In order to meet deadlines and goals, the trade will also need to concentrate on delivery, as well as its capacity to draw manufacturers and providers of wind energy.

India’s renewable energy mix included 37.7% wind energy as of March 2022. Additionally, it has an offshore fixed-bottom and floating capacity of 174 GW and an onshore capacity of about 600 GW.