Energy Storage to Play Key Role in Reaching California Target of 100% Zero-Emission Electricity by 2045 and Beyond

Energy Storage North America (ESNA), the most influential gathering of policy, technology and market leaders in energy storage, applauds Governor Jerry Brown and the California State Legislature for passing landmark Senate Bill (SB) 100, which sets the largest-scale zero-emission electricity targets ever established for a U.S. state.

From November 6-8 in Pasadena, California, ESNA sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and attendees will gather to demonstrate that the energy storage industry is ready with technology and deployment solutions to successfully support a zero-emission grid. Since 2010, California has procured more than 1,500 MW of new energy storage capacity; North American energy users and utilities have collectively procured over 2 GW of advanced energy storage projects to date.

“Energy Storage is critical to supporting the increasing penetration of renewables throughout North America and the globe, and our community is ready to deliver,” said Janice Lin, Co-founder and Chair of ESNA. “ESNA brings together the key decision makers who are demonstrating the game-changing role energy storage can play to achieve grid transformation. Storage has proven its ability to integrate intermittent renewable energy and optimize existing assets for a cleaner, more affordable and reliable grid.”

California investor-owned utilities are already demonstrating their leadership toward achieving SB 100 goals. For example, last month Southern California Edison (SCE) submitted its Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) that highlighted the significant role of energy storage in achieving the state’s electricity sector greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction goals by 2030. SCE models showed that in order to reduce its grid-based GHG emissions to 28 million metric tons by 2030, California load-serving entities would need to procure an additional 9,604 MW of energy storage.

To support energy storage deployments and greenhouse-gas reduction goals, two additional energy storage bills that complement SB 100 await Governor Brown’s signature. The first, SB 700, adds more than $800 million in incremental buy-down incentive funding for behind-the-meter storage and extends the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) through 2026. To date, the SGIP has successfully contributed to 318 MW of behind-the-meter energy storage procured in California. The second bill, SB 1369, for the first time defines green electrolytic hydrogen as an eligible form of energy storage to help address future long-duration and seasonal storage requirements that will be required in California’s zero-emission electric future.

As Mexico, Canada, and other U.S. states seek to lower emissions, North America will continue to be one of the largest energy storage markets in the world for many years.
About Energy Storage North America
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