DNV awards Design Certification to the highest wind tower ever developed: Nabralift 2.0 HH190

Nabralift 2.0, the new family of Nabrawind´s self-erecting tower (SET), has been awarded with the Design Evaluation Conformity Statement by DNV. Nabralift 2.0 portfolio consists in three different towers ranging from hub heights of 140 meters to 190 meters. In consequence, Nabralift 2.0 HH190 has become the highest tower ever developed by any company which obtains this certification.

Nabralift 2.0 comprehends three different towers, which differ in the number of frame modules and that ultimately results in different hubs height: Nabralift 2.0-3F (three frame modules under the transition piece), for hub heights between 140-155 meters; Nabralift 2.0-4F, for hub heights between 160-175 meters and, finally, Nabralift 2.0-5F from hub heights between 175-190 meters.

DNV confirms with this certification the structural strength and compatibility of the tower Nabralift 2.0 for wind turbines ranging from 4.X MW to 5.X MW. One of the towers of this family, a Nabralift 2.0-3F with a hub height of 144m will be installed this very same year in Q4 of 2020 in Oualida (Morocco), in a wind farm developed by the French developer InnoVent.

All in all, Nabrawind high towers portfolio is compatible with all wind turbines. Nabralift 1.0 is set to be the best option for wind turbines up to 3MW. Nabralift 2.0 covers the range power from 4MW to 5MW. Finally, Nabrawind is already developing Nabralift 3.0, which will be the most suitable option for towers from 6MW and on.

Satisfaction among Nabrawind Team with the performance of Nabralift 2.0

Cristina García, Nabralift 2.0 Certification Project Manager, states the “importance” of obtaining this certificate, as it “reaffirms that the design of the tower is very solid, since we were able to prove to DNV that the structure is able to operate safely even in the worst wind and operation conditions”.

On the other hand, Jose Antonio Amezcua, Marketing, Sales and Corporate Business Development Director, pinpoints the “increasing interest in high towers that the market is showing” and highlights that “our certified Nabralift 2.0 tower family is ready to satisfy all the demands coming from the wind market”.

About Nabrawind Technologies
Nabrawind Technologies S.L. is a Spanish Company founded in 2015 for the design and development of advanced wind technologies.
Nabrawind has developed three innovative products: Nabrajoint, Nabralift and BladeRunner. Nabrajoint consists of a modular blade joint compatible with any blade that allow manufacturing large blades in separate modules that are assembled on site in a short period of time. Nabralift is a self-erecting tower that can reach heights of 200 meters without the need for large cranes, providing minimum LCOE and breaking logistic and installation barriers. Finally, BladeRunner is a new blade installation and de-installation system that reduces the cost of blade replacement by 70% compared to maintenance operations carried out with cranes.

Nabrawind has already signed the first contracts for both Nabrajoint and Nabralift. The first towers will be installed on the African continent, specifically in Namibia and Morocco. This last project includes the installation of the highest wind tower in Africa, with a hub height of 144 meters. At the same time, the Spanish company is developing a Nabrajoint modular blade for one of the main OEMs worldwide.