Electricians and HVAC Services

When most people think about their home systems, they think about them in isolation. They think they have to call an HVAC company to perform air conditioning services, an electrician to handle tasks like installing lights or fixing outlets, and a technical professional to install phones or television antennas. But, the truth is, an electrician can often install, repair, replace, and maintain all of these systems and more.

HVAC Electrical Components

Your heating and air conditioning system contains more than just ductwork and vents. It also involves significant electrical work to make it run. Even a solar-powered system requires at least some electrical wiring. While some HVAC professionals have the knowledge and skills to work with electrical components, not all of them do. In fact, many HVAC companies actually partner with electricians to come in and do the electrical work after the other system components are installed.

If your HVAC system needs a repair and you call an HVAC company, they might not be able to fix what’s wrong right away. But, if instead, you hire an electrician who specializes in HVAC systems, you’ll get the best of both worlds, no matter what repair is needed. When it’s time for your annual HVAC maintenance, an electrician can perform that task as well, and can inspect your electrical systems at the same time. No need to call two professionals— or pay for them!

Technical Installations

Homeowners don’t tend to think of electricians at all when they need technical installations like phones or television antennas. But when you stop and consider it, installing these technical components requires a lot of wiring, which is exactly what an electrician is skilled at doing. Not to mention these systems likely also have electrical parts that need special handling.

A technical professional may not have the same electrical skill sets as an electrician who has trained in that field. They might be able to adequately wire the systems and get them to work, but then again, they might not. It’s possible you could end up calling an electrician to fix something the tech professional didn’t do correctly. Why not just hire an electrician who can do it all right from the start?

Lights, Solar, and More

Many electrical companies have technicians that specialize in one or more types of equipment, since nearly every system in your house today requires at least some electrical work. You don’t need to hire multiple professionals if you choose a company that offers multiple services. Whether you need lights installed, your solar panels repaired, or more traditional electrical services like rewiring your house or installing new light switches and outlets, you can limit the number of workers you have in your house and save money at the same time by hiring a single company to do it all.


It’s nice to know that there are expert tradesmen in just about anything we need done in our homes, but sometimes, an expert in one thing (electricity) can also be an expert in other things (HVAC, technology, etc.) So, the next time you need a home repair or installation specialist, check to see if an electrician can handle it. The answer is more than likely yes.