By 2031, Offshore Wind Industry Will Have More Than Doubled

According to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), offshore wind installations are anticipated to increase by more than twofold to 54.9 gigawatts (GW) by 2031, from 21.1 GW in 2021. The GWEC stated in its Worldwide Offshore Wind Report 2022 that it anticipates offshore wind’s proportion of new global wind deployments to increase from only 23% to 30% by 2031. By 2031, an additional 315GW of offshore wind capacity is anticipated, increasing the total potential to 370GW.

The higher target in the UK and the expedited project planning in Europe, Asia, and North America are the main reasons why the global floating project queue currently stands at 120GW. In response, GWEC expanded its global floating wind prediction for 2030 by 14%.

According to current projections, 18.9GW will be built globally, with 11GW coming from Europe, 5.5GW from Asia, and the final 2.4GW coming from North America. Over 700GW of offshore wind projects have been identified by the GWEC, with 120GW being accounted for by floating wind.